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Did Chef Anton Nocito FAKE-OUT Martha Stewart?=============================================

P&H Soda and Syrup Co Owner Chef Anton Nocito never graduated from;a 4 year college or an accredited cooking food institution.

Anton Nocito was short order grill cook for 10 years.

Anton Nocito never owned or directed a professional Kitchen

How did Mr. Nocito earn the right to be called Chef Nocito?

Nocito's Soda Syrup product from P&H Soda Syrup is made some where?

We could not locate an FDA approved kitchen, restaurant or office forP&H Soda Co. We couldn't locate a business telephone number for P&H Soda.

We did locate his apartment in Flushing Queens, NY.

Anton Nocito and P&H Soda Syrup appears to be a Ghost Company working with a great social media blogger to promote his name over the internet.

Be very carefully when putting unknown syrup ingredients in your body.

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